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Fondazione Palazzo Ducale Genova

On course for Masterpieces
Genoa. A network of museums

Genoa, city of museums and masterpieces. This is how Genova la Superba presents itself to its guests as they arrive not only in a magnificent stretch of land wedged between the sea and the hills, filled with mediaeval buildings and Renaissance palaces, baroque churches and newer 20th-century districts, but also in an urban setting packed with museums.
Visitors are invited to follow a newly-created itinerary to discover Genoa’s extraordinary network of museums: some thirty different locations that offer an overview of art and knowledge from antiquity to the present day. The trail takes in the Museum of Ligurian Archaeology and the Contemporary Art Museum, natural history and oriental art, a lighthouse and a submarine, stretching from ancient to modern in a story told through beauty, innovation, discoveries and wonders.
On Course for Masterpieces is the first and most comprehensive project to bring together the museums of Genoa in a network where each point along the route presents its own highlight, a showpiece that is a must-see for every guest to our city (and indeed every inhabitant). The 2023 edition, tied in with The Ocean Race, begins and ends its itinerary with some magnificent «guest masterpieces»: Van Gogh’s 1889 Landscape with Wheat Sheaves and Rising Moon on display at the Palazzo Ducale marks the starting point, while the finishing point is an exhibition entitled Art Symphonies. Masterpieces in Dialogue between Modena and Genoa featuring paintings from the BPER Banca art collections displayed on the piano nobile of Palazzo Doria Carcassi, the headquarters of the Carige Foundation.

Locations and masterpieces

Paesaggio con covoni di grano e luna nascente di Vincent van Gogh
I teli della Passione in tessuto “jeans”
Casa di Colombo
La Geographia di Tolomeo in un’antica edizione cinquecentesca
Uovo nero orizzontale di Lucio Fontana
Cristo davanti a Caifa di Luca Cambiaso
Sinfonie d’arte. Capolavori in dialogo tra Modena e Genova
Moneta da 25 doppie d’oro con la Madonna Regina di Genova
Il violino di Paganini, “Il Cannone”
La grande carta della Riviera di Genova (1685) di José Chafrion
Straordinario e quotidiano da Strozzi a Magnasco. Umane contraddizioni negli occhi dei pittori
Manoscritto autografo dell’Inno nazionale “Fratelli d’Italia” di Goffredo Mameli
Ritratto di Cristoforo Colombo, attribuito al Ghirlandaio
Sommergibile S 518 Nazario Sauro
Ritratto di Caterina Balbi Durazzo di Antoon van Dyck
Ritratto di Andrea Doria di Sebastiano del Piombo
Complesso monumentale della Lanterna
Principe delle Arene Candide
Letto piramidale e cassettone Ninive di Alberto e Fabio Fabbi
Miss Bell di Giovanni Boldini

A network of museums by Comune di Genova with Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura

Conceived and curated by Anna Orlando