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Fondazione Palazzo Ducale Genova


The Wolfsoniana preserves a series of personal and institution archives relating to the themes of the collection: Ansaldo 75 projects for steamships and ocean liners, 6 photo albums Beniamino Bellati 2,408 drawings and heliographic copies, 603 photos, various documents and publications Umberto Bellotto 207 photographs Attilio Calzavara 69 photos, 20 drawings, various documents and publications … Continue

Study Centre

The Wolfson Collection Study Centre was established in 1993, when the Collection had its first unitary location in via Asilo Garbarino in Genoa. The Study Centre, now in Palazzo Ducale, is aimed to study, research, conservation, publication, promotion, and valorisation of the materials of the Collection and, more generally, of the arts and culture of … Continue

The Collection

The Collection It is an original and varied collection comprising objects and works of art dating from 1880 to 1945. An excursion among the works of the collection becomes a fascinating documentary: on the changes in taste and style within private abodes and public buildings, on the urban transformation processes, on the relationship between art and … Continue

Who is M. Wolfson

What is the spirit of the collection? The collection is a reflection of the contemporary information age culture. I find that an image communicates more completely than a word picture. Collecting images and points of view is my main activity. I like the idea of stimulating people’s curiosity, of asking people to reflect. I guess … Continue