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Fondazione Palazzo Ducale Genova

Wolfsoniana Musei di Nervi via Serra Gropallo 4,  16167 Genova Nervi (November to March): Wednesday to Sunday, 11.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.; Closed on Monday orario estivo  (April to October): Wednesday to Friday, 11.00 a.m. – 06.00 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday  12.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.; Closed on Monday tel: 010 32313329


The Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Collection – Fondazione Regionale C. Colombo in Genoa – is among the founder members of AAA/Italia – Onlus, Contemporary Architectural Archives National Association, founded in 1999 to promote cooperation among various associations, private archives and scholars that are interested in the protection, conservation, development and improvement of the remarkable wealth of architectural archives in Italy.

The Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Collection is particularly interested in the architectural and decorative arts of the first half of the twentieth century and owns the archives of some Italian architects, certified by the Soprintendenza Archivistica per la Liguria on April 30th 1999:

Ansaldo 75 plans for steamships and liners, 6 photo albums

Beniamino Bellati 2.408 drawings and diazos, 603 photos, various documents and publications

Umberto Bellotto 207 photographs

Attilio Calzavara 69 photos, 20 drawings, various documents and books

Duilio Cambellotti 3320 drawings for the decorations of the interior of the Palazzo dell’Acquedotto Pugliese, Bari and Palazzo della Prefettura, Ragusa

Luigi Carugati 69 fotografie, 5 disegni

Giacomo Cometti 3.165 drawings, 807 photos, 62 plaster moulds, various documents and publications –cataloguing in progress

Renato Corte 137 drawings, 2 publications, various sketches and documents

Giuseppe Crosa di Vergagni 6.000 drawings and diazos, various documents, photos, periodicals and books

Pietro e Alfredo Fineschi 946 drawings and diazos, various documents, photos, books and periodicals

Eugenio Fuselli 11 folders containing documents, 23 photographic plates and diazos, 20 envelopes containing photos, 49 writings, 64 volumes

Demetrio Ghiringhelli 20 photos, 2 albums with tempera plates, 10 drawings, 1 painting, 8 cartoons, 9 stencils, various documents

Agostino Jaccuzzi 462 photos, 50 drawings, various documents and publications

MITA (Manifattura Italiana Tappeti Artistici) drawings for carpets, tapestries and textiles – including prototypes and samples – by different artists and designers (Marco Biassoni, Rocco Borella, Aldo Bosco, Paolo Buffa, Tomaso Buzzi, Antonia Campi, Eugenio Carmi, Enrico Ciuti, Flavio Costantini, Fortunato Depero, Francesco Di Cocco, Giorgio Host Ivessich, Johannes Kopetzky Follner, Mario Labò, Emilio Lancia, Leo Lionni, Franca Luccardi, Emanuele Luzzati, Herta Ottolenghi Wedekind, Riccardo Manzi, Arturo Martini, Enrico Paulucci, Arnaldo and Giò Pomodoro, Alberto Ponis, Mario Alberto Ponis, Gio Ponti, Dino Predonzani, Gustavo Pulitzer, Emanuele Rambaldi, Elio Randazzo, Paolo Stamaty Rodocanachi, Oscar and Fausto Saccorotti, Emilio Scanavino, Mario Sironi, Giovanni Solari, Ettore Sottsass Jr., Corinne Steinrisser, Luigi Vietti, Gigiotti Zanini), photos, documents, periodicals and books, plans of the factory by the architect Luigi Carlo Daneri, – cataloguing in progress (Ponis family, Genoa-Rome, on long term loan to The Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Collection)

Officine Elettriche Genovesi 68 street lamp drawings, 48 city lighting and tramway network plans, various documents

Leonardo Paterna Baldizzi 29 photos, 2 drawings

Giuseppe Rosso 5 folders containing academic drawings

Alberto Salietti 22 cartoons, 17 diplomas, 6 drawings, 1 plaster model, 5 periodicals

Giulio Zappa 157 photos, various documents (Enrico Albisetti, Genova, on long term loan to The Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Collection)

Other archives:

L’Azione Coloniale, periodical published in Rome and Venice between 1931 and 1944,5.536 photos, 191 newspaper copies, 6.418 newspaper clippings, 44 documents

Amministrazione Mackenzie various photos and documents

Raffaello Riccardi 30 reports, 15 envelopes containing reports, 300 letters, 8 newspaper clippings, 8 publications