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Fondazione Palazzo Ducale Genova

Masterpieces from Musée Marmottan Monet Paris

Palazzo Ducale hosts masterpieces from the leading exponent of Impressionism. Showcasing his entire artistic arc, the fifty Monet masterpieces from the Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris on display here are among the best-known of the impressionist matester’s works. They are the pieces Monet cared most about, “his” works, the ones he jealously safeguarded at his home in Giverny until his death, from which he never wished to part.

The most unique thing about this exhibition is the love and intimacy conveyed by the works on display in this brand new, evocative exhibition space,  a perfect location for  this  journey into Monet’s world: Palazzo Ducale’s Munizioniere. Filled with  evanescent light, Monet’s canvases fuse  his  love  for  nature with art.  Wherever Monet lived, he  created gardens and painted them, using  the brush as an extension of his hand. As well as travelling extensively in France and abroad, Monet spent time in Paris but preferred the countryside, for  over fifty years he lived on the banks  of the Seine, where he became ever more interested in gardening. He transformed the flowerbeds at his first homes in Argenteuil and then his magnificent gardens in Giverny into a delight for  the eyes, places  to relax, contemplate nature and find inspiration. As if entering a lush and  dreamy garden, visitors get a chance to see works like Monet’s beloved and iconic Water  Lilies  (7916-7919 ca.), lrises (7924-1925 ca.), Hemerocallis (7914-1917 ca.), Weeping Willow (7918-1919 ca.),  various versions of  The  Japanese Bridge, and  his  final, magical piece, The Rosebush (7925-7926 ca.). But not only these. In the exhibition they   will also  find  works showing verdant weeping willows, dreamy avenues of  roses  and  solitary Japanese bridges in impalpable colours, nature portrayed in every  fleeting moment, variation of  light, time and season.

The exhibition Monet. Masterpieces from the  Musée  Marmottan Monet in  Paris was curated by Marianne Mathieu, art historian and scientific director at the Paris museum, and staged in partnership with the Musée Marmottan Monet. The exhibition was promoted and organized by Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura, the Comune di Genova, Regione Liguria and Arthemisia.