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Fondazione Palazzo Ducale Genova

No one has ever seen him, no one knows his face, and no photos showing him are circulating: yet BANKSY conquers the world through his work of unprecedented ethical, evocative and thematic power. Born in Bristol around 1974, generically classified as Street Artist, Banksy is an exemplary case of popularity for a living artist since the days of Andy Warhol. Today, many consider him the greatest global artist of the new Millennium.

The exhibition is an impressive event that brings together over 100 original works and objects by the British artist. There are freehand paintings from his very early career and many of hisstencils. There are silkscreen prints that Banksy considers vital to spreading his messages. There are installations, and other works from Dismaland (such as the Mickey Snake sculpture where Mickey Mouse swallowed up by a python). Between 2002 and 2009, Banksy published 46 editioned prints sold through his publishing company Pictures On Walls in London. They are silkscreens reproducing some of his famous images many of which have also been used in his outdoor interventions that have become “popular frescoes,” The curators selected more than thirty original silkscreens for the Genoese exhibition, a path of study that includes complete text cards allowing the visitors to discover the different faceted of the artist.

Banksy has always preferred the horizontal spread of images to the creation of unique items. A lesson borrowed from Andy Warhol with his serial approach and the methodical use of screen printing. As many international experts said, Banksy represents the best evolution of the original Pop Art. The sole artist able to create a link among the Pop roots, the hip hop culture, the Eighties graffiti, and the new approaches of the digital era. Banksy’s imaginary is simple but not elementary; with messages that, examine the themes of capitalism, war, social control, and freedom in the broadest sense, and within the paradoxes of our time. For the first time, an exhibition explores Banksy’s images within a semantic framework that brings their origins, references, relations between the elements, and the relevant planes. The exhibition includes also collectible posters, the Banksy of England banknotes – Banksy’s only work acquired by a public museum (British Museum) –, some very rare t-shirts, and vinyl cover projects. Among educational materials there are also a selection of videos and infographic items.

For this occasion, an important catalogue was published to show all the works displayed in the exhibition.

Critical essays by Stefano Antonelli, Gianluca Marziani and Acoris Andipa will supplement the volume. Exhibition produced by “Metamorfosi”.



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